ADVANCED READER'S COPY ~ Broken Bay by Andrea Dunlop ~ Spoiler Free

Hi my loves! It has been forever....

I am more than happy to post the cover reveal for 'Broken Bay', a novella, sent to me by the author, Andrea Dunlop.  This is an advanced reader's copy and doesn't release on e-book until May 2, 2017. It is up for pre-order and I hope you grab it and enjoy it as much I did! I was enthralled by this story of five new post millennial female friends revealing their own personal truths about men and relationships while searching for one who goes missing. Dunlop wrote the sentiments of most women struggling to define themselves amidst the pressures to be married or committed to someone by a certain age extremely well. I really liked that, although all of these characters spilled the most broken parts of themselves when it came to infidelity and other aspects of intimate relationships, they weren't forlorn or weak characters. The narrative of this story was still written from a somewhat feminist perspective. Check the synopsis below:


Hannah—knee-deep in nailing down catering plans and floral arrangements for her upcoming nuptials—is ready for some R&R. Stealing off to a quiet, secluded island off the coast of Washington state for good wine and fresh air with her four best friends seems like the perfect way to spend her bachelorette weekend.

But the island may have other ideas.

Halfway through the trip, the bride-to-be mysteriously disappears, leaving the bridesmaids confused and increasingly panicked. To make matters worse, there’s something…amiss about the house they’re staying in. As the tension rises, personalities clash, secrets spill out, and the girls begin seeing and hearing things they can’t explain. While Hannah’s friends desperately try to discover what has happened to her, an ominous storm rolls in that could trap them on the island indefinitely. Now the girls who came to celebrate with Hannah begin to wonder, is she going to make it to the wedding? Is she going to make it home at all?

This novella was a page turner. I could not figure out what actually happened to Hannah until the very end. I loved that Dunlop used possible paranormal activity really as a metaphor for what was actually happening. This book reminds me of my own personal feelings about how there is this desire for women to attain a certain kind of life or lifestyle that may not really be suitable for them. It is simply an unconscious seed that has been planted by society which dictates what a woman's role is thereby creating fairytale ideas rather than a reality. All of these characters represent women in different kinds of relationships, with varying opinions about it that in hindsight help them to learn more about one another as they have transitioned into their adult roles and what that means. This book would be great coffee chatter. I absolutely loved the ending of this book. No fairytale ending. You will be surprised!

My rating: {3.8/5}