The Keys by DJ Khaled

Prioritizing yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.
— DJ Khaled

When I received an email to receive The Keys by DJ Khaled I didn't think twice. Khaled has not only established himself as a world renowned DJ, but a media and music mogul. His social media presence is undeniable across platforms, particularly Snapchat where he unleashes daily quips about success and being confident in yourself. Admittedly, I listen to different genres of music opposite of his musical portfolio, mostly non mainstream, but aside from the that what I love about him is his purposeful effort to be positive and a light to his die hard fans. Whether you are a fan of his music or not you cannot deny that he is and has been a presence among all of us millennials. Khaled is like the new self help guru. 

If you are looking for a very serious self help book then this is not the book for you LOL. DJ Khaled is very funny and honest in his approach. I went into this knowing I would be reading it in his voice. There are no $100 words or psychoanalysis of who you are. It is uncut and filled with feel food bromides, but it is definitely a pick me up and a great read for slumps. In his simplicity of expression, lies some truth. There was no way for me to rate this book so below I've included ten of DJ Khaled's funny and inspirational quotes from his book and Snapchat. 

i. "Sometimes you want to give up. I just don't."

ii. "The Key to more success is cocoa butter."

iii. "Raise the bar. Keep moving the goals and keep hitting them. Then surpass them."

iv. "There's no such thing as there's nothing to do."

v. I can deal with everything. I got the answer to anything."

vi. "The key is to keep growing. That's what I mean by the answer is always more success. We have to give thanks everyday because everyday is a step on the pathway of more success. When it comes to progress, every step counts."

vii. "They will try to close the door on you. Just open it."

viii. "The Ladies calm down when they look in my eyes."

ix. "Be thankful every minute of everyday for what you have: don't complain. Keep your energy and vibe clean so that other good people want to be around you."

x. "Those that weather the storm are the great ones."

Thank you so much Crown Publishing for sending this my way!