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Hello, this will be a bit of along post because I have great news plus a review. I am sooooooo excited to share this news with you!! Before Christmas of 2016 I was contacted by a lovely lady by the name of @siobhanvivian who asked me to be a Book Ambassador for !!! I screamed because I was hoping one day I would be asked. Speak the things you want into existence. How cool is that!! I had been really thinking about my reading plans for the new year and how I want to read more adult novels so this surprise invitation was right on time! Let me share with you a little bit more about this fabulous bookclub.


Book of the Month members choose the books they would like to receive. BotM works especially hard to curate the very best book selections to help you have the very best reading life. Here's a little infographic to better explain!

I was sent

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I chose for January.

I finished my first book from my first box; 'Lucky You' by Erika Carter. This book is an early copy and won't be released until March 14, but I finished it.  

  Lucky You by Erika Carter    PUBLISHING DATE: MARCH 14, 2017   GENRE: Adult   PAGES:   375   FORMAT:   Hardcover   SOURCE:   BookoftheMonth Club/Ambassador Box   PACING: {3/5}

Lucky You by Erika Carter

GENRE: Adult
PAGES: 375
FORMAT: Hardcover
SOURCE: BookoftheMonth Club/Ambassador Box
PACING: {3/5}

I pondered on the proper way to review this book. Although, I found Carter's writing fair, I still enjoyed her style of writing. However, I did not enjoy this story so much. Fair warning, there are an INCREDIBLE amount of triggers in this book including a discussion about rape, drug use etc. and although triggers in books do not stop me from liking them, considering these topics and the way human beings deal with them is a part of real life, these characters lacked development. I in no way mean a work up to a happy ending, but rather simple development. The characters in this book are not teens, but mature millennials ironically lacking maturity. There were no strong feminists in this book. All the female characters were broken and seemingly defined themselves according to their relationships with men. They were also extremely petty and at times catty with one another which made each character incredibly annoying. I think it is interesting when people make the decision to live off the grid, so when I read the synopsis for this book I was excited to dive into this story. I think that as these characters decided to live minimally, with only the presence of one another, I knew the visual aspect of this story would be very folk and hippie. Although I loved that I could feel the woodsy environment; the essence of living in nature. Carter wrote this VERY well, but in all honesty reading their minimalistic lifestyle was a bit boring and moreso accompanied with their "I'm so folk" banter. 


Three women, early twenties, find themselves aimlessly adrift in Erika Carter’s fierce and darkly funny debut novel, Lucky You. Ellie, Chloe and Rachel are friends (sort of); waitresses at the same tired bar in the Arkansas college town they’ve stuck around in too long. Each is becoming unmoored in her own way: Ellie obliterates all feeling with alcohol and self-destructive acts of sexual promiscuity; Chloe pulls out patches of her hair and struggles to keep incipient mental illness at bay; changeable Rachel has fallen under the sway of a messianic boyfriend with whom she’s agreed to live off-grid for a year in order to return to “health” and asks Ellie and Chloe to join them in “The Project”. In a remote, rural house in the Ozarks, nearly undone by boredom and the brewing tension between them, each tries to solve the conundrum of being alive.

I know that as a woman in their 20s you deal with figuring yourself out; what direction you want to go in life, but Ellie, Chloe and Rachel were just incredibly destructive and none of them came to any kind of realization in the end. In hindsight, I would love to see this book adapted into a film because I love character studies, but I can't say I would highly recommend this book. Make sure you follow @bookofthemonth on Instagram and look out for my interview with Siobhan coming soon!! 

My rating: {2/5}