Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon was EVERYTHING!!!

 Photo taken by Cicely Ford

Photo taken by Cicely Ford


Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
PUBLISHED BY Delacorte Press September 1, 2015
GENRES: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary
PAGES: 366
PACING: {5/5}

Bookies did I report to you that that the last two weeks I've been slumping. I've not really been motivated to read, to create, to write or engage in anything productive. Life, right!? Then my bookstagram bestie Mhay recommended 'Everything Everything' by Nicola Yoon. Word on the bookish streets is that reading contemporary or romance novels that are light and fun can help alleviate those slumps. I mean they usually pass naturally but if you're like, "Okay, it's been a month," then pick up something short and contemporary.

Everything, Everything was a quick thought provoking read and I absolutely loved it.


Madeline Whittier is a young girl allergic to the outside world. Her diagnosed condition of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency {SCID} limits her to living a carefree life like most young women her age.  Maddy is confined to her home with the company of two people and two people ONLY; her mother who is a doctor and her nurse/caretaker Carla. Maddy's little world is disrupted when Olly and his family move in next door. Maddy eventually falls madly in love with Olly and he becomes the greatest risk she's ever taken.

I started this book yesterday and finished it yesterday. I could not put it down. The plot twist was totally unexpected. There was absolutely nothing predictable about it. 


Maddy's dad and brother died in a car accident when she was a baby. Check this out!! Maddy's mom is so grief stricken that to prevent losing Maddy, she faked her illness. Maddy was never sick. It was her moms mentally unstable way of protecting her. What I loved most about this story was Maddy's relationship with Olly. The connection between the two of them was their dysfunctional families and although Maddy wasn't acutely aware of her dysfunctional mom and her secret, she was still in an unorthodox family situation. Olly's dysfunction was outwardly. He had a chain smoking sister, Kara, who probably did so from the stress of their father being a mean, abusive drunk as well as a fearful mother.

 I also loved Maddy's relationship with Carla. Carla didn't just see her as a patient or herself as her caretaker, but as a second daughter to her own daughter Rosa. Carla saw the same teenage woes in Maddy and she sympathized. She was compassionate and wise. She and Maddy adored each other because Carla was different from Maddy's mom {an anal retentive over bearing and needy doctor} and Maddy was different from Carla's daughter Rosa. She was receptive to Carla's affection, compassion and advice where Rosa was a bit aloof and at the "mom's not cool anymore" stage.

Maddy and Olly genuinely loved one another. They found peace in each others company from their daily circumstances. Maddy was so in love with Olly she took the greatest risk of her life, booked two plane tickets to Maui and left a good bye note to her mom just to experience freedom. Let me just tell you when they run away together to Maui it gets very VERY steamy. *Break out the fans wooooooooo* but let's head back to this epic plot twist. While in Maui Maddy had an infection which caused her to become very ill and she was taken to the hospital. Of course, Maddy and Olly thought is was attributed to her " SCID condition". Maddy's mom traveled to Maui after finding out where they were via Maddy and Olly's emails to each other and brought her home. She fired Carla for allowing Olly to visit Maddy and banned Olly from seeing her. They continued on in their normal everyday routine until Maddy received an email from the doctor in Maui, Dr. Francis, stating that she had run multiple tests, consulted with several of her colleagues and they found absolutely no sign of SCID. Her illness in Maui was the result of a common virus!!! Can you say BOOM!! She confronted her mom and this shifted their relationship forever.

This book is a 'cantputdowner' . Yoon brilliantly wrote this compelling story that taps into issues of broken families and how secrets are dealt with within them. It also deals with the psychological effects of grief. 

My Rating:{4/5}

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