Bookstagram Feature ~ Mhay ~ @teariffic.books

Oh my gosh!! I am super excited about this section of my blog. As you guys know, I gush incessantly about Bookstagram!! {The book club community on Instagram} I am not an Instagrammer that cares about numbers and likes, but more connections. That's why I joined this community in the first place and one of the greatest blessings was meeting my bestie Mhay!! Not only is she sweet as pie and tea {that's why her name is TEAriffic}, but her feed is absolutely beautiful. She takes the most amazing outside island shots and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to interview her to find out all of her bookish secrets. 

TRW: What sparked your love of reading?

Mhay: My parents. They fueled my love for the written word by reading to me every night. I loved it so much that I remember I wrote my alphabets a billion times hoping it’d speed up my ability to be able to read a whole book. My parents probably regretted it after the millionth time I showed them my terribly written A-Z alphabets. 

TRW: If you had to choose 1 genre what would you say is your favorite?

Mhay: This question makes me feel like you’re pointing a gun at me. I’m quite an open reader and I read across all genres, but the two genres I pick up the most are fantasy and contemporary be it young adult or new adult. I don’t often read just one genre, so I cannot choose one.


TRW: What made you start a bookstagram and how would you describe your feed? 

Mhay: Tumblr. I would see so many beautifully photographed books and it would lead right back to their bookstagram accounts and that’s how I dropped into wonderland. The account that I couldn’t stop looking at as I scrolled through bookstagram was @ursula_uriate .Her account gave me that push to make my own so I could stalk her account properly. Thus, my account was born on December 21, 2015. I honesty didn’t take my account seriously as I just made it to stalk beautiful bookish accounts. My feed finally was born around March 2016 with its cool tones, outdoor themes, and bright colors. 

TRW3 top favorite authors.

Mhay: Neil Gaimen, Marie Lu, and Renee Carlino.

TRW: Who do you ship?

Mhay: Oh, this is easy. Warner and I. Rhysand and I. Not what you meant? {My bestie is hialrious}

TRWTell me about your blog, blogging plans, direction.

Mhay: My blog is fairly new. I’m still working out a schedule and brainstorming ideas to be able to post consistently. I hope to post a review and other (tags, challenges, unboxings, etc.) If you’d like to check out my content thus far here’s a link to my blog:

TRW: What is your reading schedule? 

Mhay: Since I’m currently in summer break I read about three times a day. First when I wake up, then in the afternoon, and before I sleep. 

TRW: Thus far what would say is your favorite book? 

Mhay: Another tough question…I’ll just go with my favorite book as of 2016- Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. It’s a book I highly recommend everyone to read.


TRWWhat's the best thing about being in the book community?

Mhay: The reason I love the book community so much is because of the friendships I made with people who share the same love and passion I have for reading and being able to share your reading experiences with them. (I have made friends where I could send them long essays about all my feels for a certain book and they don’t mind at all. Lol)

 TRWBest advice for future bookstagrammers/book bloggers? 

 MhayJust read, share your love for books, and support each other. 

CiCi, I love Mhay!! Where can I find her.