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I absolutely adore this girl!! Cherry @_forevermint is another bookstagrammer who's amassed almost 25,000 followers on Instagram. Her photos are clean, colorful and beautiful!! I started following her when I first started my bookstagram account and I've been hooked every since. You have to see her book stacks and spirals. EPIC!! Because she's a sweetheart she took time out to chit chat with me about her little bookish lifestyle. Enjoy!!

On her bookish spark, genres & feed...

Cherry: I've always loved reading since I was a little girl. I don't know which I loved more, the cute pictures or the stories. In 3rd grade my teacher decided to read Harry Potter to us during story time and that was when I really became obsessed with reading. My heart was CAPTIVATED beyond words. We got through the first book and after that I read them on my own and fell so madly in love with the world that I wouldn't leave my room until I finished the books as soon as they came out. 

Cherry: FANTASY. Most definitely fantasy, I blame Harry Potter. I read to escape and with my vivid imagination, every fantasy book is like this epic motion picture in my mind. I love the endless possibilities, the magic and the magical creatures. 

Cherry: I stumbled upon bookstagram accidentally one day actually. I was bored over the summer and decided to make a fashion account on IG but after taking my first picture and failing horribly, I decided to photograph my new books, The Lunar Chronicles series. Out of nowhere people started liking and commenting on my photos and I quickly discovered there was an entire community dedicated to books!! It was like falling into the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. I would describe my feed as a colorful meadow of flowers and books (and chocolate of course). At least that's what I'm going for (:


On her top authors, ships, blogging & book time....

Cherry: AH this question is so hard! But if I must, Holly Black, Leigh Bardugo and Maggie Stiefvater. I really love their writing styles and the stories they've crafted. 

Cherry: Okay so imagine like Noah's ark, but instead of animals, I would have couples from all my favorite books LOL.....Hermione + Ron, Katniss + Peeta, Rhysand + Feyre, Blue + Gansey, Anna + St. Claire, Will + Tess, Kady + Ezra, America + Maxon, Lara Jean + Peter, The Darkling + Me

Cherry: My blog started out as a place for me to review books but as I've started using goodreads more I'm starting to move away from that and have been posting other things like bullet journal tips, unboxings and tag posts. One thing I've always wanted to do was review a few shows here and there like animes and Korean dramas or create recommendation lists for them as it's always fun to find people who enjoy watching similar things. 

Cherry: I used to read all day every day, but that type of schedule only works when I have lots and lots of free time. Now, I mostly read before bed or early in the morning before everyone wakes up.

On her book fave... 

Cherry: Oh mann, Cici these questions are so difficult!! I have like 100 favorite books! But most recently I would say I really really enjoyed A Court of Mist and Fury. It's such a long and satisfying book with so many highs and lows, ahhh, just thinking about it makes me feel ALL THE FEELS. {To be honest} it's really hard to pick a favorite these days because authors are putting out sooo many amazing books. It's great. 


On Community & Bookstagram advice...

Cherry: FRIENDS! SO MANY FRIENDS! I've met so many kind, awesome, thoughtful, smart, funny, cheerful, generous, lovable people on bookstagram, my life is now full of interesting, wonderful people I get to interact with daily <3 The community part really makes bookstagram special. Reading has always been a solitary activity for me growing up as I never really had any friends who enjoyed reading as much but now I can fangirl with hundreds of people and get recommendations whenever! Bookstagram is literally a wonderland for book lovers, I love it so much. 

Cherry: I think to be really successful with either bookstagram or blogging, you have to be wiling to interact with other people and participate in the community. Taking high quality photos that are creative and represent you is also very important. For blogging, creating genuine and interesting content that is relatable and opens up discussions is essential. But with both these things, passion and sincerity is key. I think once you've figured out your style and what you want your bookstagram/blog to look like and represent, you can really have fun with it and enjoy the ride for what it is. What you get from either of these things is all up to how much you put into it--and boy is it a lot of work. Some people may not think taking pictures of books is time consuming but oh it is! Setting everything up, taking the pictures, adjusting things, all the time afterwards editing and writing the caption and then replying to everyone's comments, etc it's definitely a process. But if you really enjoy it then it's worth it, and it really really really is. 

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