The most amazing news I received this year was being accepted into the University of Chicago. In total transparency I had been struggling trying to figure out  in which direction my life was headed. I have a Bachelor's and a Masters degree and still haven't felt like I'm in a stable place with an established career. I am inherently creative and when you are inherently creative you want to do EVERYTHING, but in reality you can't. You have to focus on one thing and let everything else fall into place.

Having a journalism degree and not actually being a journalist by profession has weighed heavy on me, but as burdened as I've been by all of these feelings of confusion so to speak, I have always been able to keep steady. My mom says I am too young to worry the way I do, but I want to feel secure, established and joyful so I try one thing and when it doesn't work I try not to wallow for too long before planting my feet elsewhere. That was the catalyst for applying to the University of Chicago.

"CiCi what does this have to do with lifestyle?" Perseverance is a lifestyle. It has to be intentional. Here I am in this new journey in my life; a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I intend to complete my program and see what happens next. Today marked the first day of my studies. I can feel the workload already, but I found a place of solace; Plein Air Cafe. It's right there on campus so I have no excuse not to gather my thoughts and peace of mind before starting my academic day with a great book and luke warm, messy ;-) soy latte. That's just how I like it!